A collection of information related Mk3 Golf

Good links:

http://faculty.ccp.edu/faculty/dreed/Campingart/jettatech/ - Dan has the best site on the web about the Mk3 Golf.

http://tech.bentleypublishers.com/forum.jspa?forumName=volkswagen.a.a3&start=0 - First place for no-nonsense technical help.


Electrical Systems:

Central locking system wiring diagram, (simplified),(reversed)

Instrument cluster coolant gauge resistance values / fan values / thermostat opening values, (jpg)*

*This is not mine, was created by Paul on the Bentley tech forums.



Unblocking the fuel filler housing drain hole


Transmission (probably the only worthy DIY on here):

096 Fluid Change Procedure


Golf Ecomatic:

Dedicated page

Golf Ecomatic Forum


"One should never be tempted by the good acceleration capabilities, even on slippery road surfaces, into driving too fast."