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Door contact switch F2

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:14 pm
by Deylan
The door opening switch on the drivers door is installed to serve three purposes

1) When the drivers door is opened, the DIGISWING control unit briefly actuates the clutch positioner, it then checks the state of the clutch circuit pressure using the Pressure switch for clutch system F210, and if the pressure is too low, the vacuum pump switches on to provide vacuum for the clutch operation immediately for when the vehicle is started. Otherwise, a gear can not be selected instantaneously after starting the car as the vacuum system would still be priming and/or you would get scratching noise for a few seconds.

2) If the vehicle is stationary, with the ignition on, and the engine has been initially started, the engine is turned off in ecomatic mode, a gear is engaged, and the drivers door is opened, the control unit detects this and prevents the car from starting by pressing the accelerator, as a safety function (i.e., someone who believes the car is switched off, gets into the car and presses the accelerator pedal believing that nothing will happen). To restart the engine, neutral must be briefly selected and then re-engage 1st.
[k48] will blink.

3) Interior light!