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Diesel engine stop switch F207

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:11 pm
by Deylan
The diesel engine stop switch is located near the coolant reservoir, this switch informs Digiswing when the bonnet is lifted. If the vehicle is in gear, the vehicle is shut off after 4 seconds and the clutch is opened immediately.

In addition, if ecomatic mode is on and the engine has switched off due to gear being in neutral, the engine will no longer switch back on if the bonnet is lifted, even by pressing the engine brake button.

Once the engine has been shut off via signal of this switch, it must be restarted with a key.

Mechanics unfamilair with the ecomatic must be told this information to prevent misdiagnosis of faults. In fact, they need to be told what the Ecomatic does in the first place.

This is a safety switch to prevent injury and provides no other function.

If your car appears to shut off and does not start back up, this is a possible cause of your problem.

This switch has no fault-tolerance, in other words, if this switch fails the engine may not be switched off when the hood is lifted. Or if it fails in the open state, the engine may keep turning off.

If you move the vehicle within 4 seconds of selecting a gear, this switch is ignored.