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Ecomatic electrical components overview

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:53 pm
by Deylan
Engine operation sensors:

Diesel engine stop switch F207
Brake light switch F
Door contact switch F2
Gear operating switch F191
Coolant temperature sender G62
Gear monitor switch F209
Gear display switch F208
Road speed sender G22
Engine speed sender G28
Gearbox speed sender G38
Load signal potentiometer G157
Ecomatic switch E163

Vacuum system sensors:

Priority shift valve N185
Pressure switch for clutch system F210
Brake booster vacuum switch F190
Vacuum pump V22
Vacuum pump relay J318

Control elements:

Fuel shut-off valve N109
Starter relay J53
Starter terminal 50
Control unit for second battery and lights J328
Power steering relay J320
Power steering pump V119

Control elements for clutch system:

Clutch control element vacuum valve N183
Clutch control element discharge valve N184
Clutch travel sender G162

Control lamps:

[k110] Ecomatic control lamp K110
[k48] Gear display control lamp K48 (note: This symbol is slightly different on the instrument cluster - it does not have the reverse path)
[k111] Engine running control lamp K111 (Also called the "Ecomatic automatic override warning lamp")
Oil pressure control lamp K3
Alternator control lamp K2


9Ah Auxiliary battery
92Ah battery