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Clutch final control element / Positioner / Servo motor

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:23 pm
by Deylan
This is the whole unit responsible for clutch operation (opening/closing). It has the ability to completely regulate the position of the clutch according to the demands of the digiswing control unit, which are calculated from sensor input. As such, hill starts are no problem for the vehicle. It is bolted to a bracket which is in turn bolted to the gearbox.

Listed in parts catalogue as "servo motor".

Has "Pierburg" written on it - presumably made by them.

The positioner is replaced as a whole unit which contains the following:

Clutch control element bleeder/discharge valve N184
Clutch control element vacuum valve N183
Clutch travel distance sender G162

Part number information

Volkswagen part number (dropped 1995, but fitted to all* vehicles from factory): 1H0 142 059 / 1H0142059
Pierburg part number: 7.20986.10 / 7.20986.10.0

Replacement part number (1995 onwards): 1H0 142 059 A / 1H0142059A
Pierburg part number: 7.20986.11 / 7.20986.11.0

*From limited information available, from research, I believe that when the Ecomatic was discontinued, any parts not fitted to the car at the factory or in storage were changed to revision "A" and the revision of the Pierburg part number was also incremented by 1. (even perhaps existing stock due to the different markings of the "A" and "11"). There does not appear to be any differences in the parts, and why this was done I do not know (perhaps, to make it easy to differentiate between vehicles which had an original part and one's which did not).

The original VW part number no longer exists in up to date versions of the parts catalogue, however, there is absolutely no mention of the revised pierburg part number anywhere (7.20986.11), not even on the Pierburg online parts catalogue! However, this definitely exists (as I own one).

Naming information:

In English translations this part is referred to by three different names.

In the parts catalogue, it is referred to as a "Servo Motor"
In the workshop manual and on VAG-COM data it is referred to as the "Clutch positioner".
In the Ecomatic SSP it is referred to as the "Clutch final control element"

Re: Clutch final control element / Positioner

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:42 pm
by Deylan
Pictures of it dismantled (many thanks to another ecomatic owner for these images)