Pressure switch for clutch system F210

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Pressure switch for clutch system F210

Post by Deylan » Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:14 pm

The clutch system pressure switch (F210) informs the DIGISWING control unit whether the clutch system pressure is satisfactory.

Type: open/closed
Colour: Green

Switch opened: below 0.55 bar (vacuum pressure too low)
Switch closed: above 0.55 bar (vacuum pressure OK)

If the switch is opened, the control unit switches on the Electric Vacuum Pump (V22) and seperates the clutch and brake circuit by closing the priority shift valve, the pump then runs until a specific delay after the switch has closed, and then re-opens the priority shift valve (assuming brake circuit has sufficient vacuum)

Part number: 1H0 919 825 A
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