3. Problem „radio switches off“

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3. Problem „radio switches off“

Post by Hajo06 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:27 am

Excuse me, I must read English, translate into German, think about and investigate, translate into the English and writing. I lose the overview with many questions and answers. Therefore, I have opened the new subjects. It is still enough place in the forum. :-D

Admin wrote;
“The third problem, is that the radio looses power when the engine is being restarted, I think my "control module for auxillary battery and driving lights" has failed. When I spoke to the original owners, they said the car had done this from new, does yours loose power to the radio?”

With normal MK3s the car radio about fuse 22 is linked up to clip X (Connect to terminal controlled by ignition switch – 12 V DC).
New car radios need a long-term profit for the memory (connect to constant 12V supply terminal.

By the "control module for auxillary battery and driving lights" J328 this is not possible with the Ecomatic. While keeping on restart the module switch to the second battery.
With the Ecomatic both radios connections in the contact 1/3 of J328 about a fuse must be linked up. Though one loses the function „radio in and off with ignition key“, but the radio does not go out any more.
If, nevertheless, the second battery is too weak. Clamp (fingers break :-D) and fairs. :?:

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Re: 3. Problem „radio switches off“

Post by Deylan » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:12 pm

I fixed this problem today - woo ! :)

I replaced the auxillary battery on the car.

Even when my ecomatic was brand new, the radio kept cutting out, they must have put a faulty battery in at the factory. Also, the VW dealers told the previous owner, that this was a known fault with the car (they were probably thinking of the load reduction relay and not realising it was an ecomatic) :evil: This is why I wasn't sure whether the car was meant to do this.

After 14 years, the car finally has a working auxillary battery! :lol:
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